This group is for anyone in the Houston metro area homeschooling one or more kids with any diagnosis that affects learning. We are especially geared toward very-high-functioning and high-functioning kids, but any kid with learning differences who wants to be social is welcome. We welcome other families who want to be actively involved in a social group.




What you’ll find here . . . .

  • friends
  • regularly scheduled group activities
  • live and virtual clubs
  • sounding board
  • practical teaching tips (because so often the “usual” techniques don’t work for our kids!)
  • curriculum reviews (ditto!)
  • local resources with parent reviews (does that resource really work for a “quirky” kid?)
  • daily encouragement
  • a place to vent
  • useful freebies!



To make our kids’ lives less lonely!

To make teaching easier.

To add a little more joy to our families.